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1/4: What are the biggest mistakes people make when they're trying to accomplish what you're talking about? If you have personal experience in the field, that's even better! What's the dumbest stuff you ever did?

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2/4: Which books or people have changed the way you think about this field? Which do you most admire? Suggestions for must-read books and resources is always a great source of content, especially if you can add your own perspective on why it's valuable and what you learned. Explain what you learned from these inspiration and examples.

3/4: What have partners or customers recently asked or been confused by in this area? Whenever someone asks you a question, an alarm should go off in your head: you've just been given a great topic to write about! Someone else will have the same question and you can be the one to have answered it for them.

4/4: What's the worst advice you've heard recently? Every field has its share of charlatans and misinformers. What's the most popular bad advice you can pick a fight against?

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